Characteristics Of The Victorian Era (2023)

1. Victorian era | History, Society, & Culture | Britannica

  • The Victorian England Quiz · Early and mid-Victorian Britain

  • Victorian era, the period between about 1820 and 1914, corresponding roughly to the period of Queen Victoria’s reign (1837–1901) and characterized by a class-based society, a growing number of people able to vote, a growing state and economy, and Britain’s status as the most powerful empire in the world.

2. The Victorian Period - Eastern Connecticut State University

  • During this era, Britain was transformed from a predominantly rural, agricultural society into an urban, industrial one. New technologies like railroads and the ...

  • The Victorian Period

3. Victorian Britain: a brief history - Historical Association

  • Key themes and developments · The Industrial Revolution · Population growth and migration · Social reforms · The rise of the middle classes · The growth of democracy.

  • The 19th century was one of rapid development and change, far swifter than in previous centuries. During this period England changed from a rural, agricultural country to an urban, industrialised one. This involved massive dislocation and radically altered the nature of society. It took many years for both government and people to adjust to the new conditions.

4. Victorian Ideals - McKendree University

  • Women in the Victorian society had one main role in life, which was to marry and take part in their husbands' interests and business. Before marriage, they ...

  • Victorian Ideals:  The Influence of Society’s Ideals on Victorian Relationships

5. Victorian England - English Heritage

  • The Victorian era spans the 63 years of Queen Victoria's reign over Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 until her death in 1901. It was a period of rapid ...

  • Queen Victoria ruled Britain for over 60 years. During this long reign, the country acquired unprecedented power and wealth. Many of the intellectual and cultural achievements of this period are still with us today.

6. Victorian era characteristics. Key & distinctive features of Britain

  • Victorian Era characteristics: Architecture, art, and culture ... Culture, as well as architecture, flourished during this period. The Gothic Revival architecture ...

  • Characteristics of the Victorian Era. Both positive and negative features. Science, art, literature, architecture were key Victorian era characteristics.

7. Characteristics of Victorian Age Literature - UK Essays

  • Jul 22, 2021 · From romanticism to realism, politics to passion, optimism to pessimism, the novel could successfully deal with the changing mood of the society ...

  • Victorian Era is seen as the link between Romanticism of the 18th century and the realism of the 20th century. The novel as a genre rose to entertain the rising middle class and to depict the contemporary life in a changing society

8. Victorian Era | DPLA

  • Values defined as “Victorian” included moral responsibility and restraint as well as domestic propriety and gentility. At the same time, the Victorian era was ...

  • The Digital Public Library of America brings together the riches of America’s libraries, archives, and museums, and makes them freely available to the world.

9. Victorian Era: Timeline, Fashion & Queen Victoria - HISTORY

  • Mar 15, 2019 · The Victorian Era was a time of vast political reform and social change, the Industrial Revolution, authors Charles Dickens and Charles ...

  • The Victorian Era was a time of rapid social, political and scientific advancement in Great Britain, coinciding with the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901.

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