Worst Run Differential In Mlb History (2023)

1. Which MLB Team Had The Worst Run Differential Season | StatMuse

  • The Cleveland Spiders have the lowest run differential by a team in a season, with a differential of -723 runs in 1899.

2. Worst seasons in MLB history: Teams with most losses, lowest winning ...

  • May 31, 2023 · The worst run differential of all time is the 1932 Red Sox, who finished at -349. The worst mark through 60 games is 11-49, held by four teams.

  • The Oakland Athletics' brutal start in 2023 is historically bad.

3. Worst MLB Regular Season Records Through 60 games

  • Based on run differential, the worst team through 60 games is the 1897 St. Louis Browns, who had a -240 run differential through 60 games. Their average ...

  • A full list of the top 50 worst baseball regular season records through 60 games, along with stats and final season outcomes.

4. The 20 worst MLB single-season teams of all time | Yardbarker

  • Sep 19, 2023 · 1. New York Mets, 1962 (40-120, .250). New York Mets, 1962 (40-120, .250). Herb Scharfman/Sports ...

  • Trying to narrow down the 20 worst teams in Major League Baseball history — most notably in the modern era (1901 and on) — is not an easy task. But we gave it a shot.

5. Playoff teams with negative run differential - MLB.com

  • Yet even going 82-80 was a minor miracle for the Padres, who hold the record for the lowest run differential of any postseason qualifier. ... worst-to-first ...

  • There are two basic ways a baseball team can have success: score runs and prevent runs. Usually, the teams that do both effectively win a lot of games. The teams that do both poorly lose a lot of games. In fact, run differential and Pythagorean winning percentage are often better

6. Are the 2023 Oakland Athletics going to be the worst team in MLB history?

  • May 17, 2023 · The 1962 Mets had a run differential of -331. The worst in the Modern Era of MLB (since 1900) is -349, set by the 1932 Red Sox, who had a W/L ...

  • The answer is... "Maybe." Let’s look at the numbers.

7. The 10 Worst Teams in MLB History - Bleacher Report

  • 4. 1883 Philadelphia Quakers (17-81) · 3. 1890 Pittsburgh Alleghenys (23-113) · 2. 1889 Louisville Colonels (27-111) · 1. 1899 Cleveland Spiders (20-134) ...

  • We fondly remember and debate about some of the best teams in Major League Baseball history, but there is also a much less successful flip side of that coin...

8. Best Run Differential In MLB History - Teams Records

  • Apr 24, 2023 · Worst run differential in MLB history is by Cleveland Spiders. They had their worst in the 1899 season with negative 723.

  • Best Run Differential In MLB History is by St. Louis Maroons baseball team in 1884. Marlins had 41 run differential in 2020.

9. [PDF] Worst Run Differential In Mlb History

  • 15 hours ago · Thank you very much for downloading Worst Run Differential In Mlb History. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have look numerous times.

10. MLB Team Run Differential | TeamRankings.com

  • MLB Team Run Differential ; 24, Detroit, -100.0 ; 26, Washington, -148.0 ; 27, Kansas City, -178.0 ; 28, Chi Sox, -195.0 ...

  • MLB run differential, by team.

11. The Boston Red Sox's run differential over past three games is worst in ...

  • Jul 23, 2022 · Boston lost by 23 runs to the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday in one of the biggest blowouts in MLB history. That's bad on its own, but the loss is ...

  • Boston was historically bad in its past three games.

12. The 2019 Baltimore Orioles Might Be the Worst Team in Baseball History

  • Jul 2, 2019 · Before the Cleveland series, Baltimore was on pace to finish with a minus-387 run differential, which would be by far the worst in MLB history.

  • Think of them as potentially the ’27 Yankees of awful

13. 2023 A's: Worst MLB Team Ever? - Sons of Sam Horn

  • May 10, 2023 · The 1932 Red Sox (sorry) have the worst run differential for a full season post-1900 at -349. The A's are at -142 through 38 games, which puts ...

  • I didn't want to start this thread before NY finished their series with them, but OAK is on pace to have by far the worst run differential in the post-1900 history of MLB. This is before today's 11-3 loss, worst run differentials ever through 37 games:

14. The Astros Are on Pace for the Best Run Differential Since World War II

  • May 29, 2018 · The team's run differential, at +126 (at the time this piece was published), which has them on pace to set a record that's been in place since ...

  • If they keep this up, it’ll be an historic season.

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